The attorneys at Mortensen & Milne emphasize wrongful death claims. We have obtained the largest wrongful death verdict in Utah history, fighting for a $25,000,000 verdict and a $10,000,000 result in 2022. These types of lawsuits are the result of a victim killed as due to negligence or other types of wrongful action.

Wrongful deaths are caused by a range of events, including Motor Vehicle Accidents, Drug and Medical Devices Injuries, Plane Crashes, Medical Malpractice, or Mining and Construction Accidents. Often times, the families of the deceased are left with often overwhelming financial debt burdens on top of the emotional trauma caused by a death.

Our Salt Lake City based personal injury law firm has obtained several seven and eight figure trucking accident results. M&M Law is dedicated to serving & representing victims of truck crashes and accidents throughout all the entire country. M&M Law obtained a record $36,750,000 trucking accident single person award in Nevada in 2021 and $10,000,000 result in 2022. Our entire practice is dedicated exclusively to personal injury victims, never to trucking companies.

When accidents with 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, or any other over-sized motor vehicles occur, many times the result is serious injury of death. Often times these injuries or deaths could have easily been avoided. Our firm is there to fight for the appropriate compensation for you or your family member that has been involved in a semi-truck accident.

The attorneys at M&M Law obtained the largest product liability verdict in Utah history when, in 2021, they obtained a $25,000,000 verdict in Salt Lake County. This verdict has led to mandatory design changes in the window covering industry. M&M Law will fight for you in a similar fashion in your product liability case.

The attorneys at Mortensen & Milne are Utah’s distinguished attorneys for aircraft crashes and disasters. The attorneys at our Salt Lake City office specialize in representing victims of aviation disasters, including plane and helicopter crashes. The aviation disaster attorneys at M&M Law have represented victims in disasters both on a national and international level. This includes being on the steering committee of the San Fransisco Asiana Airplane disaster and the Guatemala Cessna Caravan disaster. Several multi-million dollar results have been obtained.

The attorneys at M&M Law obtained seven and eight figure verdicts and settlements in various work-place accidents across the Intermountain West, including a $10,000,000 and a $8,000,000 result in the past two years. Before that, the attorneys at M&M Law obtained the largest mine disaster settlement in Utah history. In like fashion, M&M Law will advocate for you in your time of need.

The troubled teen industry refers to a broad range of youth residential programs aimed at struggling teenagers. The term encompasses various facilities and programs, including youth residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, boot camps, and therapeutic boarding schools. The troubled teen industry has encountered many scandals due to child abuse, institutional corruption, and deaths. A child has no parental or due process protections in these facilities and the staff oftentimes have no training. If you or someone you love has been hurt or died in such a facility, Mortensen & Milne is a firm that can help you obtain compensation for your losses.


[(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Protesters join a march to the Provo Canyon School, during a rally calling for more accountability at Provo Canyon School and other teen treatment programs, on Friday, Oct. 9, 2020.]

Our personal injury attorneys at Mortensen & Milne also assist patients with not only physical personal injuries, but also financial injustices caused by “bad faith” of an insurance carrier. Our personal injury attorneys have obtained numerous seven figure results and settlements in bad-faith cases.

The term “bad faith insurance” refers to any act or practice of an insurance company that is an attempt to not pay or to underpay legitimate insurance claims. Although many insurance companies only want to pay the necessary amount, some insurers find ways to reduce that amount to an unreasonable amount.

  • Unreasonably denying or delaying payment of claim
  • Using an interpretation of the policy of language to avoid payment of legitimate claims
  • Refusing to settle a claim
  • Utilizing any deceptive or fraudulent practices

Our team represents our insurance bad-faith clients on a contingent fee basis, so there is no attorney’s fee unless we obtain a settlement or judgment. We often advance the costs of the case for discovery, expert fees, and other expenses, since these can be substantial and we understand that our clients may not be able afford them.

M&M Law’s Salt Lake City based medical malpractice attorneys have successfully litigated to jury verdict or settlement hundreds of medical malpractice cases. Our lawyers have experience with cases involving:

  • Birth injuries
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Delayed and improper diagnosis
  • Medication administration mistakes
  • Failure to refer
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Negligent injury to or destruction of tissue or organs
  • Failures to remove medical devices, tools and sponges
  • Boarding school abuse – including failure to provide medical care or prevent suicide
  • Nursing home abuse – including negligent nursing home or assisted living care
  • Negligent home health care

The medical malpractice lawyers at Mortensen & Milne only accept cases where the injuries and impacts from the medical malpractice are serious and where we are willing to pursue cases to and through trial, if necessary.