Our personal injury attorneys at Mortensen & Milne also assist patients with not only physical personal injuries, but also financial injustices caused by “bad faith” of an insurance carrier. Our personal injury attorneys have obtained numerous seven figure results and settlements in bad-faith cases.

The term “bad faith insurance” refers to any act or practice of an insurance company that is an attempt to not pay or to underpay legitimate insurance claims. Although many insurance companies only want to pay the necessary amount, some insurers find ways to reduce that amount to an unreasonable amount.

  • Unreasonably denying or delaying payment of claim
  • Using an interpretation of the policy of language to avoid payment of legitimate claims
  • Refusing to settle a claim
  • Utilizing any deceptive or fraudulent practices

Our team represents our insurance bad-faith clients on a contingent fee basis, so there is no attorney’s fee unless we obtain a settlement or judgment. We often advance the costs of the case for discovery, expert fees, and other expenses, since these can be substantial and we understand that our clients may not be able afford them.